Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 96

Ensley is keeping you updated with "Meth Monday" and we're both excited about the countdown - it's only four weeks (plus one day!) to go before Wanna Cook? hits bookshelves and our baby is sent out into the (hopefully) kind and sunny world.

But how would you like to get your copy early?  And meet the authors?  And have us autograph your "hey-I-got-my-book-early-bitch!" copy?  Well, all this - plus snacks! - can be yours.  (By the way, "snacks" do not include uncut pizza that has previously been thrown on the roof of the house in a snit.)  That's right - after teasing you for a bit as we worked to nail down some things here behind the closed doors of the lab, Ensley and I can announce details of the official book launch for Wanna Cook? The Complete, Unofficial Guide to Breaking Bad.  So gather around to hear the tale.

Wanting to support our hometown, the Wanna Cook? launch will take place at Fireside Books & Gifts, located at 212 South Lafayette Street in Shelby, NC on Saturday, April 26!  We'll start the shindig at 5:00 and plan to wrap up around 6:00, although if you're there and we haven't talked with you when the clock strikes, we won't disappear on you.  Keep in mind you'll be able to get the book BEFORE ANYONE ELSE CAN!  Yep, even if you pre-ordered the book (and a sincere "thank you" to all who have!), you won't receive it before 1 May - but if you come to Fireside on April 26, the lovely Linda Parks will have copies available for you.  (It's true; we're taking a cue from Walt - you can only get it from us before it hits the street!  Accept no substitutes!)  We're so pleased to be teaming up with our locally-owned and independent bookstore - let them know you appreciate them being here, would you?  Go ahead and tweet Linda (@FiresideLinda) or let her know through the Fireside Facebook page that you want a copy reserved for your exclusive use on the 26th and she'll make sure to make it happen!

Fireside isn't the only local business we're supporting with the Wanna Cook? launch.  We're planning to involve several other businesses in our festivities - check back for more details!  And please - mark your calendars, brush off your best porkpie hat, and come see us on April 26!

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