Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 98

It's amazing how Wanna Cook? is picking up steam!  Ensley has details over at his blog and let me remind you as well - the official book launch is Saturday, April 26 at Fireside Books & Gifts in Shelby (212 S. Lafayette Street) at 5pm, and we couldn't have asked for a better day!  It's as if all of Shelby is celebrating with us!!

April 26th is also the start of the two-day Foothills Merry Go Round Festival in Shelby, along with the Foothills Farmers Market that morning and Arts on the Square and the Broad River European Classic going on through the afternoon!  So come on out, eat, wander, take a tram ride up to the restored carrousel in the Shelby City Park and then come on by Fireside at 5pm!  Meet the authors, browse Linda's fine store, buy the book!!, and help yourselves to some yummy snackerels while we sign it.  Then go visit one of the Shelby businesses that are helping us promote this fabulous Breaking Bad companion book!  Deals abound and we'll have a few more to report to you before the actual event, but that signed book is worth:

Remember these deals are only good on Saturday, April 26 - so come on out!

Wanna Cook? is beginning to get some buzz from those who love both books and Breaking Bad - check out this review on the book blog
Every nuance is pulled apart and analyzed for its meaning.

Then the book goes two levels deeper for all of the under-surface connections. Very revealing and thought-provoking. The book also describes the key signature characteristics of the series. The camera angles, the non-linear story lines, the "cold" opens that get put together piece by piece in a complex puzzle that ultimately tells the arc of the story.
At the end of every season/section, there is an essay on a key topic that adds to the understanding and at times realism that made Breaking Bad so compelling. Those essays just add more of the backstory to the overall understanding and appreciation for the show.
After reading the book, I know what I have to do--I have no choice. I have to go back and see every Breaking Bad episode again to dive deeper into the morass and put together the pieces that I missed first time around. Wanna Cook? makes you want to do that. Sort of like an addiction, don't you think?

The whole review can be accessed here.  And hey - if you've already read the book and liked it - tell us (and letting Amazon or Goodreads know would also be much appreciated!!) - leave us a comment on our blogs, or tweet the world using the hashtag #wannacook and include us (@KDaleKoontz and @EnsleyFGuffey) in the news!

Last - just to prove that Bryan Cranston is indeed awesome beyond the measure of mortal men, watch him help out Stefan Montana by asking a girl to the prom for him.  Stefan waited outside the stage door of Cranston's Broadway play All the Way and Cranston couldn't have been nicer when faced with such an unusual request.

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