Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When I Move . . .

. . . that guy in the mirror moves just like me! Strange, but sometimes we have a hard time knowing who we are, which brings us to this week.

Reel One: My summer class has wrapped up and grades are in, meaning that I am, for a brief period of time, classless. I'm taking some time before diving into the material that needs to be hammered into shape for fall, which means I have some time to finish a few projects that have been simmering for a while. I spent most of yesterday cutting and slashing and hacking a draft down to an acceptable length for the editors. (Aside - I hate cutting. I know that, like pruning, it makes what is left stronger and better, but I have a hard time telling that to the paragraphs lying on the equivalent of the cutting room floor, which represent a lot of hard work.) I hope to finish the formatting and "citation stuff" today, then have it on its way by the end of the week. It's a piece I'm quite proud of and one that might cause a few ripples. Academics are also fans and people don't like it when you pick on Willow. But Willow did some Bad Things and deserves to be called on them. Or such is my belief. People we love and care about can almost be unrecognizable.

Reel Two: Speaking of "unrecognizable," over at the Rewatch, we have a few twisty things going on this week. Buffy isn't Buffy and Jonathan isn't meek and nerdy. Do read what the posters have posted this week, oh Gentle Readers. There's some excellent analysis there. And the Rewatch is now at the halfway point! 'Strue. 26 weeks down, 26 weeks to go.

Coming Soon: An end to one project and a beginning to another. And soon - vacation. A few days spent with my toes dug firmly into Carolina sand.

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