Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fairies and Vampires

You know the problem with supernatural creatures? It's that they aren't natural. Not even a little bit. Therefore, they don't see any need to play by ordinary rules, like the so-called Laws of Nature, at which they merely smirk and then go off frolicking somewhere.

This rant was prompted by what I can only deem a fairy attack. I was all ready to come here and announce (rather pridefully; maybe this is my comeuppance) that I had finished the revisions to my contribution to the Essential Whedon Reader project. Now, this project is a very big deal to me and making those revisions was a task I had been sweating buckets over. In an edited collection such at this, my goal is to try to be clear and well-structured in my points, while retaining my own point of view and writing in my own distinct voice. (Yes, you can write in a voice. Don't be so literal.) Well, I had sent off the original draft just before FryDaddy and I left on our honeymoon last summer and it's safe to say that I was suffering from a classic case of "bride brain" - the mistakes and goofs that I sent my baby off with make me cringe. My readers were most kind and the resulting chapter will be (I think) quite strong.

If only it would send.

For some reason, my e-mail system was just NOT cooperating. I'm in the midst of teaching Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream to my summer drama class (and they're tearing it up, let me tell you) and we've talked about the Elizabethan view of fairies as being dark, mischievous forces who were as likely to sour your milk and steal your child as they were to bring back misplaced items and shower your house with blessings. Stay on the good side of fairies - the alternative is just too much frelling trouble.

I'm apparently in the doghouse with the Winged Ones. After two tries to send the revised version (both of which came back as "undeliverable"), I switched to another e-mail address. Here's hoping it went where it belongs!

Meanwhile, over at the Rewatch, we learn the secret of the shadowy Initiative (those are probably some guys who know how to handle a troublesome Puck) and Buffy tries her hand at Thanksgiving dinner. Oh, and nearly marries Spike.

Big week in Sunnydale.

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