Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sum of the Parts

Reel One: Over at the Rewatch, Season 4 is about to wrap up. Now, Season 4 isn't my favorite (I was never a real fan of the Initiative idea), but it has some GREAT episodes! Case in point are these three. "Primeval" shows how much stronger Buffy is for her ability to depend on others - Whedon doesn't like the whole "lone wolf" idea very much. And Spike shows that he doesn't need to be chip-free to cause heartache and trouble. Violence is a gown of many designs, my children.

Reel Two: My draft has been cut and chopped and bandaged and sent. Now we'll see. Also, cover art of the "Season 9" comic has emerged. I must say that I'm approaching this with caution. While Season 8 got off to a start I'd characterize as "great," it quickly went downhill into stories I didn't believe (and worse, didn't believe in) and had a hard time regaining its footing. The comics are canon, so that has to be dealt with. Harshly.

Coming Soon: Season 4 finishes with "Restless." Enough said - this is an episode that you need to wear flip-flops to watch - it'll knock your socks off!

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