Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 94

 The Breaking Bad cast has been busy lately!  Bryan Cranston is both trotting the Broadway boards as Lyndon B. Johnson and has Godzilla coming out in May. Aaron Paul is starring in Need for Speed, which I wrote about in the previous post - I adore Paul, but the film is lousy.  I can sympathize with his desire to do something goofy and ridiculous after years of playing Jesse, but . . . then again, Paul has a role in the upcoming Ridley Scott film Exodus, so I'll hold out hope.

Better Call Saul continues to pick up buzz - see what Jonathan Banks has to say about reprising his role of Mike in the spin-off.

Meanwhile, we're working with our publisher, ECW Press, on some fun events leading up to the May 1 release of Wanna Cook? and we should know more about the official launch event soon.

I'm already picking out my author outfit.  What do you think about Kawaii's Breaking Bad for the opening event? (It's pictured at the top of the post.)  She runs an Etsy store that you can access here and she's got some lovely, creative ideas.  The green is only one of four in her limited Breaking Bad collection - here's a picture of the whole cook!

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