Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 93

My handsome and talented co-author, Ensley F. Guffey, and I are currently away in an undisclosed location.  While we could be putting the final touches on the official book launch, it's the first time in four years of marriage that we've had the same spring break.  Remember if you will, Gentle Readers, that Ensley and I are both full-time academics, albeit on different sides of the desk.  We haven't lived in the same city during any of that time.  So discovering that we both had the same few days off - well, that's like a planetary convergence.  I might not know all the ramifications of it, but I'm taking advantage of it!

So we're busy this week being married, rather than being writers or teachers or students.

Forgive us, if you will.

However, don't forget that it's seven weeks now until the official launch of Wanna Cook?  Why should you buy this book?  Easy.  The Richmond, Virginia paper just ran this story about Breaking Bad's creator, Vince Gilligan.  The headline trumpeted that the article "reveals [the] show's connection to central Virginia."  I read the article and said, "Well, yeah.  We put that in the book ages ago!"  This thing is complete.

And don't forget - Wanna Cook? is available for pre-order from a variety of outlets.  Try Amazon, Powell's, Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million!

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