Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 63

Now that my co-author and I are on the far side of the magnificent (and exhausting) Joss in June conference, we're both taking a little time to seriously collapse recharge before the August 11 premiere and the final writing sprint for Wanna Cook?  Although we're not full-scale marketing madmen, we did manage to slip promo cards for the Wanna Cook? project into each and every swag bag presented to guests of the Joss in June conference and I'll be presenting on a couple aspects of Breaking Bad at professional conferences this fall, so we're keeping the home fires burning.  But next week is a well-deserved vacation, so "Walter White Wednesday" is going to take a short break and come back towards the end of July.

That gives you ample time to enter Bryan Cranston's "Ride with Me in an RV" contest - and really, you ought to do this.  It supports a GREAT cause and, as a fan of Breaking Bad, can you think of anything much more fun that getting to go the the premiere of the final episodes?  With Bryan Cranston?  In an RV?  Linked here are Cranston's top 10 reasons you should enter - and do you want to disappoint Heisenberg?

No.  No, you do not.  So enter here.

See you in two weeks!

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