Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 65

It's getting closer and closer and closer . . .

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know that by "it," I mean the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad.  The new (and final!) episodes will begin airing on August 11 and I can't quite decide if I'm super-excited about that, the way a kid is as their birthday approaches, or if I'm in mortal dread of it, like a coed huddled under a staircase who hears a scratch at the door in a particularly-dumb horror movie.  Probably the first, but possibly the second.

Can't wait to find out more?  Check out this link then - but don't come crying if you get spoiled!  Gilligan & Co. are being very secretive, but this story has a few teasers to get you guessing.

Also, a show called Talking Bad, hosted by Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick (who's been hosting a similar show following Walking Dead called [that's right] Talking Dead for AMC), will follow each new episode.  This link tells you more about that, as well as containing a nifty recap trailer that was unveiled at the recent San Diego Comic-Con.  Heck, I'll include the trailer here - good stuff to get you caught up!!

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