Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 64

The countdown continues!  It's now less than a month before we start seeing new episodes - which are the final eight episodes - of Breaking Bad.  AMC has started whetting our appetite a bit - in his latest post, my co-author has written about (and linked!) the "WTF?" super-short teasers that tell us nothing, but make us eager for more!  Episode titles and one-sentence synopses have just been released for this final half-season - you might not want to know, so click the link, but be warned!  I don't think anything is spoiled here, but you might have a different idea of what constitutes "spoilage." (I will say this much -  the picture that goes with this post is from the first episode, titled "Blood Money."  Well, that could go in all sorts of directions!)

AMC has put an embargo on reviews until July 29, so you can find things out before the official premiere date of August 11, but how much and how accurate may be questionable.  I don't have any advance notice of what will happen - I'll be breathlessly watching along with everyone else on August 11 - and I'm getting more and more excited to see what twists and drops Gilligan & Company have planned for Walt, Jesse, and the rest of the Breaking Bad circle! 

And remember that TODAY, JULY 17 is the final day to enter to win the kick-ass "Ride with Bryan Cranston to the Breaking Bad Premiere in an RV" contest!  Click here for details and go support an good cause and (just maybe) win an amazing prize!!

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