Monday, October 29, 2007

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

. . . especially when the Gentlemen have stolen your voice! As we learned tonight, speaking and communicating are two very different things. Many thanks for the discussion and observations that were shared in class - "Hush" is an episode that is just bursting with things to discuss, ranging from how the absence of standard conversation forces the viewer to pay closer attention to the screen to the edits that finish one scene while ostensibly starting another to Tara's utter disregard for the rules of surviving a monster attack. And a gold star to Cly for noting that Olivia's, "That's enough small talk, don't you think?" is the last line before all the voices are stolen.

You may enjoy the following links:

The episode summary - also read the shooting script to see how the "silent scenes" look on paper.

Patrick Shade's Slayage article on communication and community in the episode.

Ranking of the Gentlemen as "scary monsters."

Next week - we leapfrog over Season 5 (and that'll take some explaining!) to explore communicating in another unconventional way. Bring your tap shoes, everybody - it's "Once More, with Feeling"!

Just a little advance reading about the episode as show and the fuss surrounding the performances. And a little more background about the licensing snarl.

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