Monday, October 8, 2007

"I Like the Quiet"

I hope you all enjoyed the first session of our class. There was plenty of lively discussion and pointed observations - always better than pointed stakes, I say! I've included a few links here that I thought you might enjoy to tide you over until our next session. Remember, we don't meet next week - I'll be on my way to Istanbul and I'm supposed to have Internet access, so look for updates and photos from my time at the BUFFY HEREAFTER conference. We meet back on October 22 to watch "Earshot" and discuss the pros and cons of superpowers. We'll especially consider this question: is power all about might and force or do compassion and empathy have roles in power as well?

And hey - read the previous posts, take the quiz, and let us know which character you most resemble!

As for "The Zeppo," these might be useful:

Who was Zeppo Marx?

A summary of the episode.

An article on developing secondary characters

A little information on stories told from the POV of a "non-main" character. The Arthur legend from a female perspective and Hamlet from the POV of two minor characters.


Mockingbird said...

It hit me that another example of telling the tale from an unexpected point of view should include the work of Gregory Maguire, who is probably best known as the author of WICKED, which tells the Oz story from the POV of the (so-called) Wicked Witch.

Also, Chris has reported that his quiz results have him as 67% Buffy! According to the quiz: "You are a very strong individual. You do, however, have some trouble admitting how you truly feel. You've experienced a lot during your life, but you more than manage. Always willing to help, you're a great friend."

UnpluggedCrazy, who's following the blog through from an undisclosed location in Ohio, is 83% Xander.


Lindsey said...

Why didn't I think of WICKED? As a diehard fan of the book and musical, I can't believe I didn't think of it when we were discussing other perspectives..

I took the quiz, and I am Tara. I can't remember the percentage, and I've only seen a couple episodes with her, but it sounded accurate from the description...