Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Game Plan

The class begins in less than a week and I thought you might want to know a few things.

EPISODES - Although still subject to change following the first meeting of the class, right now it appears that the episodes we'll be studying will be:

Oct. 8 - "The Zeppo" (Season 3). The discussion will center on telling the story from the POV of a secondary character and what insights can be gained from that perspective.
Oct. 15 - no meeting; on my way to Istanbul
Oct. 22 - "Earshot" (Season 3). The discussion will center on the downside of immense power and the burden it can place on the powerful.
Oct. 29 - "Restless" (Season 4). The discussion will center on dream-worlds and what can be learned from those realities.
Nov. 5 - "Once More, with Feeling" (Season 6). The discussion will center on using music to carry the narrative.
Nov. 12 - "Tabula Rasa" (Season 6). The discussion will center on identity and how we determine who we are.
Nov. 19 - "Storyteller" (Season 7). The discussion will center on putting ourselves into the story being told and how we see ourselves within the narrative.

There's so much more! I'm still trying to work in the masterful episode "Hush," for example.
In the meantime, if you need to brush up on characters, here is a useful character guide. And here's another. (That one includes a nice section on "cultural impact" to show to your friends who are wondering why on Earth you're taking this class; just scroll down a bit.)

Wondering how you fit in to the "Scooby Gang"? Just for fun, take the quiz!

I'll see you all at 6:00 in Room 1134 at the college! Bring your own stake!

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