Friday, November 2, 2007

That's Another Story

Whedon fans throughout the world rejoiced as they received a lovely goodie in their trick-or-treat bags on Halloween. After an absence of far too long, Joss Whedon is returning to television, perhaps as early as this spring (although I don't count on that - impending writers' strike). Interestingly, the lead actress in the new series will be Eliza Dushku, who famously portrayed the dark Slayer, Faith. Details are still somewhat sketchy, but the new series is titled Dollhouse and will be shown on Fox.

That alone was enough to make me wonder is Joss had leapt away from his good senses, then I remembered that he's not Southern and probably doesn't hold a grudge for seven generations as some do. Some of us are still upset over that "Recent Unpleasantness" that supposedly ended at Appomattox, so we're really not over the mistreatment of Firefly, which was only an eyeblink ago.

Anyway, the show looks interesting, at the very least. A little Stepford Wives, a little Dark Angel by way of Alias and a whole lotta Joss! However, knowing that he has a solid grounding in the classics and looking at that title, if there's a character named "Nora," keep your eye on her. And if there's one called "Hedda," it might be best to back away slowly.

(Yes, yes, I know Ibsen's masterwork is more usually translated as "A Doll's House," but allow me a little poetic license here, would you?)

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