Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 116

As I wind down "Walter White Wednesday" as a regular feature here (don't worry; like Walt, it'll never truly go away), I'm trying to go out with a bang, so let me remind you again that Ensley F. Guffey and I are scheduled to do another signing down at the South Carolina coast - come see us at the North Myrtle Beach Books-A-Million on Saturday, September 13 beginning at 2 pm! Come out and say "hey," share a few Funyuns with us, trade Breaking Bad tales - heck, there may even be a taste of the blue for you if you know the lyrics to Badfinger's "Baby Blue"! Tell your friends and spread the word!

Also, don't forget that the "binge broadcast" is still going on every Sunday night on AMC - tune in beginning at 5 pm. For the hardcore fan, AMC has thoughtfully provided companion material!

Still can't get enough? Then you need tickets to the first Breaking Bad Fest which is being held in (where else?) Albuquerque, Duke City, ABQ itself! Click here for details - the guest list keeps growing!

And just to help you with the "Baby Blue" challenge . . . 

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