Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 104

I've been enjoying watching Breaking Bad mashups and parodies lately - this is a show that inspired any number of highly creative fans to spread their wings.  (Remember "narvinek's" amazing "Ecstasy of Gold" creation?  Click here if you need a reminder.)  Ensley posted a great one over on his site this week - the attention that was paid to the sets just had me tickled in that one! During the process of writing Wanna Cook? it seemed that I never had time to explore this aspect of fandom, so I'm getting a real kick out of these.

Breaking Bad re-imagined as a sitcom, circa 1995.  That wacky White family!!

And Breaking Bad as a romantic comedy.  After all, weren't they really meant to be together, despite it all?

In Wanna Cook? news, the book continues to garner positive critical attention.  The UK blogger Book Addict Shaun liked it quite a bit, for instance.  And did I mention that we're being translated into Portuguese?  Yep.  There's enough interest in this incredible show that Brasil wanted its own version!  We're excited beyond belief - that makes three languages (English, German, Portuguese) on three continents (North America, Europe, South America)!  Maybe it's not an empire we're building, but it's a very nice community!

So - if you read the book and liked it, tell Amazon or Goodreads or post on your own blog - then send us the link!  Hope to hear from you soon!

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