Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 102

We're going to have to keep this post short and (hopefully) sweet - it's bedlam around here today!

It's always fun to get evidence that Wanna Cook? is out there in the wide world - the picture for this week's Walter White Wednesday was taken in the bookstore on the concourse at the Pittsburgh airport.  Yep, Ensley and I have written a a book for airplane travel (although I'm not sure how I feel about that, given the events of season 2 - "Seven Thirty-Seven . . . "Down" . . . and so on!).

Also, yesterday was publication day for Wanna Cook? in the United Kingdom and our publisher there, Myrmidon Books, has made quite a fuss over us - look at their Twitter feed and Facebook page. We're also thrilled to be included as part of Myrmidon's first foray into non-fiction publishing, so it's a bit of a mutual admiration society.

We can all use more of those!

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