Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 88

Three interesting items about Breaking Bad and its continuing impact on popular culture:

1. Netflix has announced that the final season will be available through its streaming service beginning on Feb. 24.
2. Better Call Saul, the Breaking Bad spin-off featuring everyone's favorite "I put the 'criminal' in 'criminal lawyer" attorney, Saul Goodman, now has a November air date. Netflix has contracted to also stream the series, which is likely to give the spin-off a ratings boost.  The focus of Better Call Saul is reputed to be on Saul's pre-Walter White days, but who knows?  We might see Saul as the manager of a Cinnabon in Omaha, which was a career path for him at the end of Season 5.  Jonathan Banks will reprise his role as "Mike the Fixer," but no other Breaking Bad regulars are currently scheduled to appear.  Then again, things change quickly.  Click here for details!
3.  Breaking Bad made a star out of Albuquerque and pumped tens of millions of dollars into the local economy. ABQ business owners have tapped into the popularity of the show, selling "blue meth" rock candy and doughnuts, offering tours of filming sites, and selling T-shirts and other souvenirs of the show.  As this article points out, though, there's another side to the popularity that's much, much darker.  It seems that Walter White casts a long shadow, even after his death.

As far as news on Wanna Cook? progress - we're getting to the stage where we can't say much, because some things are in the planning stages.  Ensley and I have approved the cover copy (you know, that stuff on the back of the book that you read to decide if you're interested.  For Wanna Cook? let me assure you - you are interested in this book.  You very much are), and we're working with our tireless team at ECW on some very, very cool promotional materials and events.  Right now, though, that's all I can say.

Tune in next week for more Breaking Bad and Wanna Cook? news as it develops!

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