Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 79

We can all agree that Breaking Bad was an amazing show that's worthy of deep reflection and frequent re-watching.  The acting is astonishing (remember the gorgeous mash letter Sir Anthony Hopkins wrote to Bryan Cranston after Hopkins' binge-watched the show?  If not, click here), the settings are characters in and of themselves, and the writing is often transcendent.

Don't believe me?  Click here, then.  Seems that at an event honoring Vince Gilligan at the Austin Film Festival, a few pages from "Felina," the final episode of the series, were on display.  Gilligan wrote "Felina," and some intrepid festival-goer snapped pictures.  Here's the next-to-last page . . . and here's the final one.  Read these final pages - it's not about the dialogue here; see how Gilligan captures the mood he's trying to create, the subtle hints he's giving his actors to get across the "neo-Western" feel of the show.

Amazing stuff.

On the writing front, Wanna Cook? progresses.  Everything has gone through the first round of edits (and Jen, I owe you dinner for straightening up that source list!) and most everything has been finishedfinished.  A couple of bits are awaiting the last go-round of "move that comma, would you?"  Let me make it clear - by the time Wanna Cook? hits the shelves - and it's already available for pre-order at your favorite e-bookstore, whether that's Amazon, Powell's, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million! - this manuscript has been look at thoroughly.  However, I expect that a couple of "freckles" will sneak through.  Blame American/Canadian variations in spelling.

Please let us know - either here or over on Ensley's blog - if you'd like to arrange a book signing in spring when Wanna Cook? is available.  We've been given a publicist (I know, right??) who will help make such things happen.  We'd love to come visit and we've been told we're quite fun!

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