Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 76

Strange.  This is the first post since Breaking Bad ended  - well, technically, last week's was, but then I was writing about the finale episode, "Felina," so it didn't feel the same way.  At any rate, by now we know what happened to Walter and the rest of the not-so-merry crew.

Some people are having a hard time dealing with the withdrawal and I know a little bit about this.  On Sunday (or, as we've called it for quite a while, "Breaking Bad night"), Ensley and I were coming home from a conference. (The conference was held in the unfairly-beautiful city of Savannah and we had a fantastic time.  I presented some of the work you'll see in Wanna Cook? that centers on Saul - hope you like it when the book comes out!)  We realized that for the first time in ages, we didn't need to make sure we were home at a set time.  Oh, sure, we DVR the episodes, but c'mon - we want to watch live and get our fan on.  When it hit us that, no, we didn't need to be sure we were in front of the TV at a given time because there was (sniff, sniff) no new episode of Breaking Bad airing that night (whimper), we didn't quite know what to do with ourselves!

What we didn't do was get this creative - enjoy!

Wanna Cook? update - we're in the final push with the manuscript.  We've delivered the vast majority of it already and Monday is our deadline for the write-up of the final eight episodes.  We're on track and then it'll be about a month of back-and-forth editing, but the whole thing - from acknowledgements to index - ought to be done and in the caring hands of ECW Press by mid-November.  (I plan to collapse at that point.  I know it's not usually the sort of thing you schedule on your calendar, but it's the only way I have the time!)

And remember - we're available for pre-order from these fine online retailers!

Amazon (I've really got to finish my author page over there!)
Books-A-Million (lists the book as shipping on our anniversary - isn't that sweet!)
Powell's (doesn't list me as an author, but I promise I haven't been putting the shine on you for a year and a half!)

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