Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 70

In this week's episode, "Confessions," Walt continues on his rollicking road to hell, but his games are beginning to backfire.  Emperor Walt may be out of the meth-making business, but making a clean break is far harder than he expected it would be and Walt doesn't do well when he encounters roadblocks.  There are any number of confessions in this episode - some are true, some are not, and the worst are a mixture of truth and falsehood.

Meanwhile, Skyler's involvement with Walt's schemes has always been contingent on no harm coming inside the house to threaten the family - well, at the end of this episode, that's long ago and far away.  Evil seldom stays in the rear-view mirror, and Sky has a lot to worry about.

Spoilers abound ahead, so read on at your own peril!

Most uncomfortable dinner since Jesse came over!
First, Todd's neo-Nazi Uncle Jack and sidekick Kenny (if he dies, I'm totally having a South Park moment) are moving the lab back to New Mexico (now that there's been a "change in management"), which is going to bring heat back to ABQ, and therefore, back to Walt.

And let's not forget Jesse.  While we don't see any evidence in "Blood Money" that the White house is fenced off because it burned, Jesse is splashing gas around the family room around like a madman - something's going to happen there pretty darned quick and that certainly brought the danger straight into the house.  (Aside - Walt may be "the one who knocks," but Jesse is "the one who crashes into the house.")

Walt's reprehensible taped "confession" shows just how far he's descended since the pilot episode, which also featured him making a taped confession, only that one was in the desert and was considerably more honest.  At this point, Walt really is a monster and a deluded one at that.  He still seems to be able to believe his own lies, even when Jesse calls him on it in the sandy alone of the desert.  But Walt buries the truth in the desert - literally, in the case of barrels of cash - and he refuses to answer Jesse.  However, he's a lousy liar when it comes to Skyler - look at the scene towards the end of the episode when he's making lame excuses to get to the soda machine and then to leave the car wash with his frozen .38 snub.  How will he explain the gas fumes?

Hank doesn't have the piece of evidence he needs yet that will allow him to snap the trap shut, but pieces are in play.  Jesse, purely through chance, has put together a puzzle that could easily drive him to turn on Walt.  And Skyler, in order to save the kids, has reason enough to turn on Walt.  And that's leaving out Todd and Lydia, who prize their own skins above Walt's.

Five to go.

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