Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 69

We knew that things were going to happen rapidly - after all, there are only a handful of episodes left and in last week's "Blood Money," we saw Hank put the pieces together.  Keep in mind that the entire series has scarcely spanned a year (not counting the flash-forwards that started in "Live Free or Die") and you begin to appreciate the breakneck speed of Walt's descent.


But what exactly happens?  Skyler balks and Hank is stuck. Hank is also having to wrap his mind around the fact that nailing Walt is likely to end his career, since Walt-as-meth-kingpin was operating right under his government-detective nose.  And, for all her flaws, when Skyler makes a decision, it seems to stay made, which brings me to one of my favorite moments from this episode, which is aptly named "Buried."*


Marie's easy to make fun of - she's often shrill, and nosy, and too fond of purple.  But at her core, she's got a wonderful quality - she's loyal.  (Possibly to the point of foolishness, but she's loyal.)  So when her face goes hard and she cracks Skyler solidly across the face - well, there's a moment.  There's a little echo of last week's Hank/Walt confrontation, but this was more shocking to me, probably because I don't see Marie as the physical type.  By the time Marie says to Hank, "You've got to get him," she's put the pieces together about Hank's shooting and I think there's going to be an empty chair at the next family reunion.  I completely understood Marie's desire to get Holly out of that house and I thought that scene was very nicely done - all sound and fury and Hank trying to restore sanity to an insane situation.

And what will Junior do?  He idolizes his dad and that jig is up.

A large fortune buried in the desert.  Jesse in custody and seeming to not care.  And Lydia - hard enough to order multiple murders, but too squeamish to look upon her own works as she minces over the blood-stained sand in her Christian Louboutin heels.

Six to go.

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*Oh, there are a lot of great moments here.  Including the henchmen-reclining-on-a-bed-of-money and Jesse's exhausted, listless spinning on a child's toy.  

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