Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 61

You know the final eight episodes are getting closer - AMC has announced its "encore so you can catch up and get your friends hooked" schedule!  Beginning this Friday (June 21) at midnight, multiple episodes of Breaking Bad will air - from the initial pilot episode all the way through the revelations of "Gliding Over All" where we left off back in 2012.  It really is a perfect time to refresh your memory and share good times (and bloody mayhem) with friends, so take advantage of this opportunity!

Here, far from any Los Pollos Hermanos franchise, my co-author has explained where we are with book-project-writing.  While every episode includes "extra" material, there were half a dozen items that we just couldn't cut down to a couple of hundred words (which is the average length of what we're calling the "short extras").  So rather than slice-and-dice them, we're having these in the book as "long extras."  (Cunning name, don't you think?)  Each will be essay length (around 1500 - 2000 words), which lets us get into more depth.  Think of it like this - the short extras are neat little tidbits to impress folks with, sort of "did you know" types of things, while the long extras are meant to get you really thinking about the subject.  So over the next two weeks we need to polish those up and get them to our Eagle-Eyed Editor.

While we're up to our white-out with those tasks, here's something to keep you occupied.  Want to support one of the best of good causes?  Want to go to the Los Angeles premiere of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad?  Want to go hang out at the premiere with Bryan Cranston?  Want to arrive in a freaking' RV?  Then AMC has the contest for you!  Check out the details and know that, even if you don't win the big prize, you're helping the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and that's a Good Thing, no matter what.

Seriously.  Do good works.  Do it in the (un)name of that poor kid in "Peekaboo." 

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