Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 59

As viewers of Breaking Bad know, we're in a holding pattern right now, eagerly awaiting the final eight episodes.  Speculation runs rampant - who will survive?  Who won't?  How?

My capable and intrepid co-author has written about the delay in airing the last half of Season 5 and it's well worth a read - click the link here to go there!  

We've gotten some exciting news about the Wanna Cook? project in the form of mock-ups of the book's cover.  I'm not going to post those here; it's early for that, but it makes me realize just how far the project's come in the last few months.  While it's quiet here in terms of working on the episodes, there are some other bits that get my attention during this dry spell - items that I think are going to make the final version stand out and be something that you (and your friends!) want to have.  Honestly, this book goes way beyond a simple recap or episode guide.

And remember to mark your calendars for August 11.  After all . . .

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