Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 60

Two months to go!  That's right - still sixty days until we begin the final journey with Walt, Skyler, Jesse, Hank, Saul, and the rest of the Breaking Bad crew.  There are a lot of unanswered questions at this point and a lot of loose ends for Gilligan to tie into neat sheepshanks in eight episodes.  Among them:

  • Is Walt really out of the meth biz?
  • With Hank's light-bulb moment at the end of Season 5A - how's the rest of that dinner party go?
  • Does Todd still have the spider jar - the one with Drew Sharp's (aka the kid on the dirt bike) prints all over it?
  • Will Jesse have another highly uncomfortable dinner with the fightin' Whites?
  • How's Walt wind up in a Denny's buying an extremely serious gun to go with his birthday bacon?
  • Will the silverfish eat the pallet of money?

Much to answer, indeed.

Meanwhile, Breaking Bad won the Broadcast Television Journalists Association Critics' Choice Award for Best Drama last night (well, technically it was a tied with Game of Thrones), and Bryan Cranston won the award for Best Actor in a Drama, beating out a strong field that included Damian Lewis (Homeland), Timothy Olyphant (Justified), Matthew Rhys (The Americans), Kevin Spacey (House of Cards), and Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead).  It was his second win in a row.

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