Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 55

Soon, my pretties.  Soon.
Woof!  It's Crunch Week here at my college (teaching is my day job, remember?) so it's a bit hectic, as my understated British friends might say.  I think it's more like a circus, with me trying to feed the lions while simultaneously learning how to walk the tightrope.  Still, a student last night turned in his exam and shook my hand, which always makes me feel like it just might have been worth sixteen weeks' worth of psychic wear and tear.

In the midst of that, Breaking Bad fans, I am thrilled to report that Wanna Cook has taken another step forward.  I completed the "sidebar" pieces this past week - both the original drafts and the edits after our Intrepid Editor cleaned things up.  These are bits that will be featured outside of the regular episode guide portions that will focus on a particular theme in the show - Junior's breakfast consumption or Marie's obsession with purple, for example - with a list of episodes where the theme shows up.  It's a little tricky to write these and keep them spoiler-free yet provide enough information to be useful and fun even in the first season.  (Otherwise, everything was going to be lumped in with Season 5.)  Again, this is why you work with an editor who is smart, sharp, and has done this sort of thing before!

Between that task and getting classes ready for Exam Week, it's been busybusybusy, so this must be short, sweet, and to the point today.

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