Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Walter White Wednedsday 52

What a week it's been!  As regular readers of this blog know, I teach full-time and it is CRUNCH TIME at my college.  My time isn't just taken up right now with class prep and grading,; there have also been several other big (and I mean BIG) projects going on that had non-negotiable deadlines.  Add to that a great deal of uncertainty regarding the fall schedule and it's been stressful 'round here, although I still think I have it easier than just about any character on Breaking Bad.  (To put this in perspective, I can relate to Lydia far more right now than I am truly comfortable with.)  The final straw for me was discovering that my faithful computer was infested with malovolent gremlins.  While it's being exorcised, I have a loaner, which is very nice, but it's set up to run Windows 8, which I know nothing about and I find to be - what's the opposite of intuitive?  Oh, right - counterintuitive.

So I'm tapping this out on my iPad, with a varying degree of success.

Sometimes you just have to punt and this is one of those weeks.  So for Walter White Wednesday 52, let me just remark on the following:
  • Walt's 52d birthday didn't start so well.
  • Gilligan will fill us in on the details starting in July.
  • The Simpsons got on the Breaking Bad bandwagon this past week with a wonderful variation on the "couch gag."  My co-author wrote about it over on his blog for "Meth Monday" - go check that out with this link!

Back soon!

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