Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Walter White Wednesday 19

Season 5 is coming quickly and I wanted to make sure everyone here is up to speed on the teasers that AMC is beginning to send our way.  (By the way, that means I'm posting with the idea that you've seen all of Season 4 by now.  Just saying.)  A few weeks ago, I posted the first Season 5 shot of Walt surrounded by bales of cash in what seems to be a run-down warehouse - you can see that at the foot of the post linked here.  Since then, AMC has given us a few more tastes.

Look at this cast shot for Season 5:

About which I want to say - YAY!  Mike's back!  I've missed him and I'm anxious to see what direction he's going to go in, once he finds out that, due to a slight case of explosion, he's no longer working for Gus.  Also note the dark, muted colors - even Marie's usual purple is leaning toward dull.  Walt's choices (he's front and [almost] center, of course) have bled the vibrancy out of everyone around him.  Hmmm.

And here's the first trailer for Season 5:

Mike's doing the voice-over, so yep, he's definitely back and in a big way.  Walt seems to be playing Billy Badass, which might work out okay for him, but it never has in the past.  And he's done darker and darker things to keep his head above water.  Too many secrets to keep straight and (to totally mangle my metaphors) chickens eventually want to come home to roost.  The scuttlebutt is that Season 5 starts full-out with no ramp-up to the action, so this is going to be quite a ride!

Check out the official AMC site for more still photos, interviews, minisodes, and more as we prep for the final cook of Breaking Bad!

I plan to spend the final two Walter White Wednesdays before Season 5 begins on July 15 briefly outlining Season 4 and where I think a few threads might be leading.  I accept that speculating on the direction of Breaking Bad is probably a useless exercise, since Vince Gilligan & Company perpetually surprise me by upending my expectations, but hey! I speculate anyway.

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