Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Walter White Wednesday 10

. . . in which Season 5 is speculated upon.

Breaking Bad has a definite "end by" date and it's known that the fifth season will be the last.  Fans and critics alike have taken a swing at what might happen after the devastating events of Season 4, but Gilligan & Co. play their cards close to the vest.  Season 5 is scheduled to begin airing on AMC this summer, most likely sometime in July, although a premiere date has not been officially announced as of this writing.  (The AMC website simply says "New Season Summer 2012.")  Bryan Cranston (who plays Walter White) has said in a recent interview that the fifth season will be split into two "mini seasons" with the first 8 episodes airing this summer, then a four-month break before the final 8 air in 2013.  That means several things:

1.  Season 5 will be 16 episodes long, instead of the 13 episode length of Seasons 2, 3, and 4.  (Season 1 was a "mini season" of only 7 episodes.)  This will give them an additional 3 episodes to wrap up the stories that will be and have been spun (personally, I think Mike's going to come back hard in Season 5, but that's just me.  Be wary of a man carrying balloons, Walt!) and also to strike out in some new, unexpected directions following the events that concluded Season 4.
2.  I expect the decision to split the season in this fashion was made at least in part to ensure that Breaking Bad is in Emmy contention for both 2012 and 2013.  As it deserves just about every award that can be thrown at it, I have to concede that it's a good policy.  However . . .
3.  I have to wonder - just a little - about the wisdom of spreading the final arc out over what could span an entire calendar year.  Viewers are fickle creatures and attention spans are often short.  Then again, AMC is committed to this final season, so there's no danger that all 16 episodes won't be aired.  Maybe it's just my own selfish impatience.  I have questions and I want them answered!  Now, please.  One of my central questions about the upcoming Season 5 involves those lovely little flowers at the top of the post.  Lily of the Valley may have sweet symbolic meanings associated with it, but it can be a poisonous and dangerous plant.  Walt knows that.  Who else will learn?

Next week, I plan to return to character examinations, starting with Marie - it's the end of the semester at my "day job" and that means it's crunch time until exams are given and graded.

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