Sunday, June 22, 2008

Signing Off for Now!

As you may know, I maintain this blog for Whedon purposes - here's where I post regarding classes, conferences, and so on. The next class is in the fall and SLAYAGE has concluded, so I won't be posting here for the remainder of the summer. I will, however, be posting over at my other, more general, blog. You can reach that here. Visit me there and decide which of these is my secret identity!

To keep you in the mood, my first post over there since returning from Arkadelphia sort of straddles the line - I went to the Charlotte "Can't Stop the Serenity" event last night (got home early this morning) and I'll be writing about that. Good times, great cause!

See you soon - and watch the "Dollhouse" trailer! Interesting times are ahead . . .

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Ian K. said...

Looking forward to future posts here as the school year gets underway once more-except for me, which is a strange thing as this is the first fall I have no school to go back to!