Saturday, June 7, 2008

Arkansas, Day 2

Just a few observations from the second day of SLAYAGE here at Henderson State University, as it's late and I need to review my paper one more time before I turn in. I'm always a touch nervous about running too long in my presentations, so I need to look it over again and fret a little.

1. I love it here! These are truly wonderfully generous, intelligent, passionate people. Put us all together and you can't help but both have fun and get at least some glimmers of inspiration.
2. Rhonda Wilcox just sees things differently. She took an episode that I enjoy and have often thought is brilliant in its structure ("Conversations with Dead People" from Season 7, if you're interested) and shows you patterns and links that you never saw before. She does this so effortlessly that you want to throw yourself under a train. But then she's so generous towards the work of other people that you decide to stick around - besides, if you threw yourself under a train, it'd make quite a mess and she'd probably insist on cleaning it up.
3. Chinese fortune cookies that contain gems like this one that I got in my lunch today: "You will be the mast of all you survey." Not "master," but "mast." I still don't know what that one means. Smooth sailing, perhaps?
4. Matthew Pateman gets major points for (1) having Buffy and Angel cutouts in his office, (2) having his picture taken with said cutouts, and (3) presenting one of the most articulate answers to the question, "You study what?" that I've heard to date. And it's not just the English accent - his arguments are well thought out, humorous, and dead-on accurate.
5. It's great to be here. At most conferences, once the sessions are over for the day, attendees break off and head out to dinner, then maybe hit a club or just disappear into their rooms. I came home from dinner tonight (Arkansas BBQ - let us not speak of it. I grew up in mighty fine Carolina pig country and admit to being biased.) to find most attendees gathered around the lobby television. Yep, watching Buffy. Together.


2ndDegNinja said...

Great to hear you are having a great time.

The last time I was in Arlansas I took 2nd place in the US National Teakwondo championships.

Without the "mast" the "master" cannot sail.
Cly White

2ndDegNinja said...

Hey its Cly again. While waiting on the next class to start I wanted to suggest a series of 3 books to read. We talk alot about family and I think these three books show better than any other I have read, or any tv show/movie I have ever seen how family can be more than blood, but that blood always plays a part in family.

Book one: Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Book two: Dragons of Winter Night, Book three: Dragons of Spring Dawning.

By the cover and the names of these books most of you might never take a second look, but they are great works. These books are still in print today and were first published in the early
By: Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman

K. Dale Koontz said...


Hey - glad you're following along. Yes, I read those books back in the 80s and liked them quite a lot. The series got very long, but I especially enjoyed the first trilogy. I'll post more about the conference either tonight or (more likely) tomorrow morning, since I don't have to leave early to catch the conference.

Anonymous said...
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