Friday, February 29, 2008

Unsettling Lullaby

Last night, we concluded the ANGEL section of our class by watching the Season Three episode "Lullaby." Here's a link to the transcript.

We discussed the depths parents are willing to go to for their children, such as Holtz's single-minded willingness to commit evil acts in what he sees as the furtherance of a good goal. He has lost all focus beyond gaining revenge - in this, he has a few echoes with the story of Medea, who was willing to murder her own children to hurt their father, Jason, who had abandoned them. I've included a link to the story. We also saw the transformation of Darla, who sacrifices herself so her child can be born and she can hold onto the idea that she did manage to love something, at least once.

For the next two weeks (our last sessions), we move into the world of FIREFLY. No vampires here, but plenty to discuss regarding families. If you're trying to find a tag for the show, "science fiction" is probably your best bet, as the show involves space travel and is set in the future. But it's unlike any science fiction you've ever seen - there are no aliens, just humans with all of our good and bad traits. It's an ensemble show, so there are nine (count them - NINE) main characters to get acquainted with. I've included a link here that does a nice job of outlining the parameters of the show.

And - just for fun - I've included a link to a quiz so you can determine which character you most closely resemble!

I'll keep you posted on the room situation if I hear anything.

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