Friday, February 22, 2008

Finding Home

Last night, we left BUFFY behind and began our exploration of ANGEL with the Season Three episode "Fredless." There was much there to talk about, including how parents and children relate, how finding where you belong often involves letting go of where you think you belong, and the importance of a well-accessorized toaster. I've included a link to the transcript of the episode here.

Also - just for fun - included a link to an earlier episode in which Lorne (at Angel's behest) returns to his home dimension and talks with his family. You'll quickly see why our Liberace-ish Host left what was then home for the bright lights of L.A. Look in the background for his brother Numfar - that's Joss Whedon. (The "Dance of Joy" was performed to celebrate Lorne's unexplained disappearance.) You really need sound on your computer to get the full effect.

Next week, we'll be examining fathers and sons. You see, later in Season Three, Angel discovers that, against all odds, he's a father. (Vampires can "sire" other vampires, but they can't have children.) How will this change his life? The lives of those around him, who are suddenly faced with the reality that a tiny little life relies on them totally? Not to mention, how to you baby-proof an arsenal?

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