Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Walter White!

Yes, Breaking Bad has ended its run and Better Call Saul is gearing up to explore the transformation of James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill from young, possibly-idealistic lawyer to the criminal criminal lawyer Saul Goodman - you ARE making plans to watch that, aren't you?  But during last Sunday's Super Bowl, Walter White re-emerged.  Sorta.

And then a friend sent me this remix, which I've barely been able to stop playing.  Enjoy, but be warned - it's not entirely safe for work (or to be played around small children, but it's Breaking Bad, so you knew that, right?).

Better Call Saul is getting some extremely good buzz - click here to see what I mean - and watch the trailer. This could be a show worth watching!

. . . and it's so big it needs two nights for the premiere! Plan to tune in Sunday, Feb. 8 and Monday, Feb. 9 at 10:00 Eastern!

Want to know more?  Click here for loads of details from AMC!

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