Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Walter White Wednesday 113

Although its final episode aired nearly a year ago, Breaking Bad continues to inspire fans. I've written here before about fan activities, ranging from nail art, to tattoos, to entire conventions, so let's add this to the mix - street art! Click the link to see gorgeous murals and paintings found around the globe - all inspired by Breaking Bad!!

If you're a fan and you're in the Triad area of North Carolina, come on out to see us at the Winston-Salem Barnes & Noble this weekend! We'll be appearing on Saturday beginning at 3 pm to talk Breaking Bad, sign copies of Wanna Cook? (which, c'mon, really is the must-have for AMC's binge-watching party that begins on Sunday, August 10 at 5 pm), and even hand out samples of the blue! Details can be found here!

Also, while Ensley has discussed this over on his blog in the most recent "Meth Monday," it bears repeating. We're broadening the discussion net for Breaking Bad with two upcoming events.

First, we'll be guests (hopefully of the honored variety) tonight at 8 pm on the CultureSmash webcast where we'll talk about Breaking Bad, writing Wanna Cook? and whatever else the fine CultureSmash folks allow us to yammer on about before they cut our mikes. The episode will be available live and also archived on the CultureSmash website as well, so please - check it out and let them know you're listening!

Also, we've been asked to write a regular column for BiffBamPop and our first one (about Breaking Bad, naturally!) goes live this Thursday, August 7. Our column is called "The Ten Percent" (the name comes from science-fiction writer Theodore Sturgeon's observation that "90% of everything is crud") and will focus on that magnificent ten percent of film/television/comics/etc. that isn't crud. Please click on over there as well!

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