Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 82

Another brief post this week - in fact, as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, I'm going to give Unfettered a week off to count my blessings, which have been legion this year.  Wanna Cook? is in the proofreading stage and Ensley and I have agreed that no work is to be done until we have sampled every variety of pumpkin pie we can get our hands on.  (Or maybe that was just me.  Hard to tell.)

This hilarious clip has been making the Internet rounds, but it's getting hard to find.  Apparently, it'll be a bonus on the fancy-schmancy box set that comes out next week, so Sony asked YouTube (probably by way of a sternly-worded cease-and-desist letter) to remove all versions of it.  But those laws have a harder time being applied across the pond, so thank you Mirror Online!

Click this link and marvel at the sheer range of Bryan Cranston.

And here's a bonus that I can embed here!  Badger and Skinny Pete would be watching this for three hours straight!

Happy pre-Thanksgiving, everybody!

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