Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 48

My co-author and I are in the midst of prepping the last eight episodes of Breaking Bad that have already aired for the Wanna Cook? project and it's given us an opportunity to carefully re-watch those episodes from last summer.  Things begin to jump out at you - Ensley has a fantastic write-up of the last episode, "Gliding Over All," for the latest installment of Meth Monday over at his blog and I encourage you to go check that out - Gilligan & Co. have created some wonderful, carefully-wrought episodes of television throughout the run of the show, but this one - well, it's a humdinger and not just for the final shot.

As I've discussed before, Breaking Bad is not only a critically-acclaimed show, it's got a faithful fanbase.  And in America, where there are fans, there's the opportunity to make a buck.  (Not that I'm against that sort of thing.  Buy our book!)  Celebrity endorsements made by actors, athletes, and musicians are common - and sometimes not too well-thought-through, as this link can attest.  So far, I haven't seen official endorsements by the Breaking Bad actors, although that's a fun line to speculate upon - Bryan Cranston for porkpie hats!  Anna Gunn for Albertson's deli take-out!  Giancarlo Esposito for KFC! - but others around the ABQ area are certainly doing their best to cash in on the show's popularity.

Submitted for your consideration:

1.  While in the greater Albuquerque area, why not take a Breaking Bad tour?  You can see the car wash and the "Crystal Palace," among other locations.  You can take a trolley tour (well, it's the off-season for another couple of weeks) of popular locations and even end with a complimentary drink at Los Pollos!  The city's Convention & Visitor's Bureau has gotten in on the act with a link to information about the show's filming in the area on its official Website - check it out here!

2.  Want a little more "Crystal Blue Persuasion"?  Try a yummy "Blue Sky" doughnut from Rebel Donuts!  Don't worry - the sugar is real, but the meth is fake!

There's something about these -
it's almost addicting!
3.  Still not satisfied?  Well, after the show finishes airing (which is bound to drive up the price), you can pay way too much for Jesse's 1984 Toyota Tercel, which was leased (that just makes me snicker - didn't want to out-and-out buy a $500 car) for filming.  There's no word on whether Jane's lipstick-stained cigarette is in the ashtray.

The ultimate collectible?

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