Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 47

As we begin gearing up for the final 8 episodes of Breaking Bad, there's been a lot (a LOT!) of speculation among the fan base regarding Walt's final outcome.  Face it, no one outside of those involved with the production company knows for sure (and they're not talking!  I suspect hazard pay).  There are two aspects of this that I find incredibly interesting.

The first is how invested people are in the show itself.  As a Whedon fan, I understand incredibly passionate fans and some shows attract that more than others.  Those shows, by the way, are often science fiction or fantasy shows - Firefly springs to mind.  You don't often see the same level of investment in reality-based shows - no one dresses up at Jack McCoy from Law & Order to go attend a fan convention, for instance.  (Something I once heard Elisabeth Rohm, who played Kate Lockley on Angel and Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order say at a fan convention.)

The second part that fascinates me is how many people are pulling for Walt to somehow come through all of this unscathed.  Now this, I must admit, I don't get - and I've tried.  Walt has done horrible, reprehensible things and, no matter how he attempts to justify his actions, he's steadily walked into darkness.  I happen to believe that redemption is possible for just about anybody, but it has to come with remorse, regret, and a determination to "go forth and sin no more."  This humility is simply not present in Walt.  I see no way out for him.  I think some fans see Walt as a rebel who's just had all he can take and want Walt to somehow stick it to the Man, but they ignore the awful, terrible, violent things Walt has done and the things he has set in motion and then stepped back and watched.

I've heard fans comment that they hope he goes out like Tony Montana in Scarface - and we've seen Walt watching the finale of the movie.  What I think people are missing is that the ending of the movie doesn't have Tony blasting away at his enemies and then waltzing away from the carnage.  We know Walt has justified everything as him simply "taking care of the family."  But that's the same family that has his wife flinching when he touches her, the kids packed off the the in-laws (who have made it clear that they like having the kids around), and secrets hidden under the very floorboards of the house.

He's done a lousy job of taking care of the family.

And he's got an M60 in the trunk of his car.  I don't see this ending well for Walt.

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