Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Walter White Wednesday 40

The family on break - like "Walter White Wednesday"!
Today, Dear Readers, is the day when "Walter White Wednesday" takes a brief holiday hiatus.  Think of this as the blogging version of the time period when the actors, writers, and crew take a much-needed break to recharge their creative batteries, unwind from the day-to-day stress of creating magnificent televisual stories under deadlines and within budgets, and spend time with their families.  After all, as Walt might say, "Nothing is more important than family."  And as Hector might say, "DING!"

It's crunch time around here for my not-to-be-ignored day job.  I have student projects flowing in that must be managed, evaluated, and returned, as well as an elephant-sized report to prepare for my college.  I'd rather not have "Walter White Wednesday" turn into something I just dash off so I have a place-holder out there - this will come back, but it will take several weeks and it may be longer than that before it becomes "regular" again.  We've had a forty-week run (approximately four times longer than Joss Whedon's Firefly!), and that's nothing to sneer at.  As Walt tells us in the beginning, "Chemistry is the study of change," and this is one (temporary) change that needs to be made.

But be of good cheer - there's so much more to write about and talk about that it's guaranteed that "Walter White Wednesday" will be back after Thanksgiving!  I thank you for reading and consider this - the Mythbusters guys have gotten their hooks into Breaking Bad and plan to air an episode in the spring to examine just how much of the science in the show would work in the real world.  No, you won't learn the secrets of Walt's cook, but it should be fun anyway!

See you in a few weeks!

But to tide you over - click the link to have some breakfast!

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