Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What Are We Gonna Do Now?

That's the question posed to Buffy as she stands by the deep smoking crater than once was Sunnydale - home of vampire nests galore, a library unsurpassed in the California school district system in terms of mystical knowledge, along with a conveniently-located UC campus, a deepwater port, and - oh yeah, Dracula's castle.  Quite a town, that Sunnydale.

Yes, the year-long Great Buffy Rewatch has come to an end, as all good things must.  On Tuesday (hereinafter to be known as "Buffy night"), Nikki Stafford's final post about the finale episode, "Chosen," went up and today is devoted to musings from fans and academics alike regarding what the show has meant to them.  Posts are going up on the hour until 10 pm tonight, so this link will get you to the general "Great Buffy Rewatch" tag.    This one will take you to the "Buffy Book Club," which features Nikki holding forth on some of the academic books written by some of the contributors to the Rewatch.  It's good stuff and shows the breadth and the depth of scholarship that has gone in to the show featuring the little blonde cheerleader who fights the forces of Darkness.  I know, it sounds silly.  It's not, and you know that if you've been following the Rewatch even a little.

So what's next?  Well, the film class is still on hiatus for a week or two as I get things ready behind the scenes to teach the class in an online format, which means I have time and space to talk about other films.  Yesterday, I went to see Tintin, which I can highly recommend.  But, I first have to be the curmudgeon yelling at kids cutting across the yard.

3D is a gimmick.  When it's bad, it's Catwomen of the Moon bad. (Yes, I've seen it in 3D.  Don't ask - it was a dark period in my life.)  And when it's good (and in Tintin, it's very good), it calls attention to itself and pulls me out of the movie to remark, "Gee, that was good 3D!"  Look - Tintin is excellent.  The animation is gorgeous, the plot is that of a fast paced adventure yarn - heck, it's the best Indiana Jones movie Steven Spielberg has done in years!!  (And maybe one day, Andy Serkis will get to have his body, voice, and face on the big screen simultaneously!  I joke, but only a little.)  In other words, go, but save yourself the cost of the Roy Orbison-style 3D glasses.

Oh - and the previews!  Seriously - I'm ready for this 3D wave to crash and retreat to the sea.  Re-releasing Titanic in 3D?  Folks, the ship still sinks.  See for yourself in April.  And George Lucas needs to be tied up until he comes to his senses - he's known for re-releasing his Star Wars movies every time some new technology comes out to tweak his characterization (Han still shot first, Lucas!  Accept it.  We all have.) or squeeze a few more bucks out of that part of his fan base who doesn't yet shake their heads in exasperation of what once was.  At any rate, look for The Phantom Menace to be re-released in 3D in February.  Jar Jar Binks will improve not a whit in 3D.

It's all about the stories, not the gingerbreading.

And the popcorn.

Happy New Year to all!

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