Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Digression That Isn't

I know, I know.  You want more dirt on my Big Easy trip and fear not - it's coming.  There's much to discuss there - post-Katrina tours, voodoo shops, mule carriage rides, learning about "Romeo & Juliet" spikes, the accepted horror of the "Quadroon Balls," and more besides!

But at the moment, a few other items bear mentioning.  So please - enjoy this tonight and more on the fine city of New Orleans tomorrow.  Let's go to the tape.  Or DVD.  Or DVR.

First, the film class reconvened today after Fall Break.  We started our next unit of focus with Ridley Scott's Alien.  Although 30+ years old, this is a film that holds up nicely.  Scott melds science fiction with horror and also creates a scary, scary place by focusing our attention on what we don't see.  Space is very, very large and air ducts are very, very small and fear comes in both sizes.  Raw capitalism is alive and well beyond the frontiers.  Technology can save us or set us up for the kill.  And the magnificently human Ellen Ripley saves the day (and the cat!) instead of the more traditional male captain.

Second, the Rewatch continues to rocket through Season Six.  Our fair moderator, Nikki Stafford, is still enjoying the charms of the Big Easy, but Stacey May Fowles, the poster this week, has things well in hand.  "Dead Things" is a difficult episode to watch and her analysis explains that there are some darned good reasons for that. As Angel reminded Faith way back when, sometimes it's supposed to hurt and this is an episode that stings.  And sings.

Last, did you see - I mean DID YOU SEE - the finale of Season 4 of Breaking Bad Sunday night?  Holy.  Cow.  (Don't worry - the link is to a spoiler-free promo.)  They need to make some extra Emmys for Best Supporting Actor.  I'm not sure where the next season will go, but FryDaddy has a theory that I think is just delicious.  I'll keep it under wraps for now, but if he's right, then the final season of Breaking Bad will blow the top off the television set.

Next:  Back to N'Awlins.  Having eaten the Godiva chocolates that we treated ourselves to during the layover in Memphis, it's time to find a beignet, explore a cathedral, and tour the Quarter.

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