Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"She Made Me Feel Like a Human Being . . ."

"That's not the kind of thing you just forgive."

Reel One: Buffy's protective and broody boyfriend Angel gives in to his ongoing temptation. After nearly losing Buffy to the death and destruction promised by The Judge (and on her birthday, no less!), the two star-crossed lovers become - well, lovers. It's glorious for them both - each of them realizes the treasure that is the other and they take tremendous comfort in being with someone who knows all the secrets (and there are many) and still offers only love, acceptance, and tenderness.

Sweet, but this is Whedon. I won't get ahead of the Re-Watch in terms of the explanations, but Angel turns bad. Very, very bad. He's cruel to his bewildered lover, taunting her inexperience and trampling love and tenderness underfoot. So what'd Buffy get for her birthday?


The episodes this week (yes, even "Bad Eggs") set up some important Events To Come and are beautifully explained by this week's guest bloggers. Go on over there and take a look - and take your time reading the posts!

Reel Two: After a series of misadventures involving open windows, torrential thunderstorms, standing water, electrical cables and a recalcitrant DVD player, the film class managed to watch the original short film version of Impostor. (The plan was to watch the feature-length version, but Life Was Overtaken By Events and it became necessary to punt.) Interesting, and while the feature length version may drag a bit in the middle, this one felt almost breathless in its mad dash to the finish line. Still, some interesting points are made about what it means to be human - is it physical? The ability to remember events? The ability to feel pain and to bleed? Is it spiritual? In which case, how do you quantify that? Is it the ability to feel compassion for others, who may be unlike you? All good questions raised, but not necessarily answered here.

Angelus deeply resents being made to "feel like a human being," while the rest of us (at least those of us who aren't afflicted with some form of pathological condition) prize that quality.

Where will this go next week in Dark City? What happens when non-humans are running the show and we don't even realize there's a show being run? Tune in next week to find out!

PS - I'm working my way through the original "sessions" of Cowboy Bebop. That's sure to become an item of reference for the next little bit. I'm not quite a quarter of the way through and I think this series is an absolute gem. Freedom, down-on-your-luck-but-unwilling-to-give-up characters, spaceships, lost love, and reluctant do-gooding, all with an absolutely kickin' soundtrack! There's nothing here to not love. The opening was enough to grab me - see what you think!

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