Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slayage Day 3

Let me be honest. By Day 3 of a conference like this, I’m having a great time, but I’m getting a little worn out. And with my keynote to go first thing tomorrow, I’m going to have to cut this short tonight.

So just an impression or two. I loves me some Whedonians! They are among the kindest of conference-goers. When one attendee took sick and was forbidden by her doctor to fly out here, one of the organizers kindly offered to present her paper for her. Isn’t e-mail great? I heard some GREAT stuff today! Among the highlights was a paper discussing the behavior of the residents of Sunnydale as viewed through the template of disaster studies. (Did you know that, statistically speaking, there is actually very little violence and looting in the wake of most disasters, such as Katrina and the Haiti earthquake? All media spin. Truly – if it bleeds, it leads. That says something very sad and very dark about the human mind.) Also, there was a wonderful presentation on Chaucer's Wife of Bath and the Dollhouse episode “Belle Chose” that gave me much to think about.

Enough for now. More later, when my keynote is done and things are wrapping up.

Think good thought my way, if you don't mind!


Whedongeek said...

That paper must have been Cynthea's! Oh, I so wanted to hear that one! Good luck with the keynote tomorrow, Dale! Wow.

(Do you happen to know anything about how that absent person's paper went?)

Adventuress said...

Yes, it was Cynthea's! And really - it was fabulous! Well-researched, energetically presented, strong supporting information and hey! it included fluent middle English! As to the absent person's paper - when you have Mama Rhonda presenting your work, you can't go wrong! Really - it's strong work and it was read with feeling. (once more???) Still, I'd have preferred having you here directly. Dumb doctors, trying to keep you healthy and all . . .

Whedongeek said...

Thanks for letting me know, Dale. I didn't mean for you to do so prior to your own big performance! I'm certain you'll be rocking the house -- you're so awesome at these things! Take care and have a great rest of the day. Aly

Haunt said...

Dale, I didn't get a chance to tell you before we all scattered in the post-Bookers chaos, but despite our WSA vote to disqualify Keynote and Featured Speakers from the Mr. Pointy Awards I absolutely think your piece this morning should have won. :)

Heartbroken that it's all over. Will now sink into a deep depression and connui for about a week.