Saturday, June 5, 2010

Slayage Day 2

Consider this post as "under construction." Much happened today and it's late and tomorrow starts early. I'll catch up, I promise.

Until then, some things to consider:
  • Brilliant musicologists illuminating scores of particular episodes and discussing the themes that emerge from them.
  • A brave new point of view being heard for the first time. (OK - full disclosure. I'm married to him, so I'm likely to be biased on this point. But objective observers commented on the merit of the paper, so I'm pretty sure my judgment is sound.)
  • The irony of the award for excellence in Whedon research and writing (where feminist themes are so often in evidence) being so very, very phallic. (Then again, it's called the "Mr. Pointy," so one can hardly be surprised.)
  • Dozens of academics gamely warbling through the entire soundtrack of "Once More with Feeling." Followed by "Mandy."
A good day, capped off with a podcast interview of yours truly on Gobbledygeek.

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