Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Walter White Wednesday 43

For this week's Breaking Bad post - it's the Valentine's Day edition!  Now, Breaking Bad isn't exactly a hearts-and-flowers sort of show, but there are a few things worth examining here, so settle in with your heart-shaped box of Whitman's chocolates and ponder the following:

Review:  To quote another favorite show of mine, "Love makes you do the wacky."  I suppose it can be successfully argued that it's love that makes Walt "break bad" back in Season 1 when he throws his lot in with Jesse, but I'm not so sure about that.  Walt's much more about power (wanting it, anyway) and control.  Hank and Marie have a stronger - and certainly a "realer" - marriage.  Heck, even Wendy's more upfront about what she's out for.  Also on the plus side, Jesse has shown himself to be capable of deeper feelings, although he's careful to (mostly) keep them masked with a hearty "Yo, bitches!" 

Speculation:  Junior idolizes his dad (hmmm - that smells like teen spirit trouble).  In fact, when that breaks, I think the Johnstown Flood might look like a summer shower.  And, despite his undeniable loyalty to "Mr. White," Jesse's wrath if/when he learns of Walt's involvement in what happened with Jane and with Brock is likely to be white-hot.

Underline: Walt is undeniably brilliant as a chemist and throughout the run of Breaking Bad, he's been shown to be learning the steps of a dangerous dance as he moves from milksop high school teacher to badass drug kingpin. But as with all beginning dancers, he steps on toes and sooner or later, someone's not going to shrug it off by saying that Walt's too important, so just deal with it.  Then things are going to get very interesting for Walter White.

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