Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So What's Next?

Reel One: The film class has concluded. I was inordinately proud of their final papers - I know, it doesn't have that much to do with me; they're the ones who wrote them. Still, it was nice to see students make strides toward developing their own voices and strengthening their writing. (PS - I know you still hate thesis statements/topic sentences/whatever. I don't care. Remember - writing is a road map. So tell me where you're planning on taking me before we start going turn-by-turn.) The final night was a "fun night." There may even have been candy involved, but due to our strict "no food" rule, I cannot speculate on that topic. We watched the Firefly episode "Jaynestown," followed by Dr. Horrible and then put the cherry on the sundae with the Cowboy Bebop session "Ballad of Fallen Angels." The through line was a tenuous one, but music does crop up significantly in all three, so I went with that. A fun class and one that I'm chalking up as successful.

Reel Two: Over at the Rewatch, Buffy and her friends are moving ever closer to graduation. But first - prom! This week features both "Choices" and "The Prom," which are two lovely episodes that both feature the Scoobies facing future beyond high school. A scary prospect, at best. (Sorry I'm not writing more about this week - it's an awfully good posting - but I'm prepping for my own school's graduation and there's a list of things to do. "Brush off puffy hat" is included on that list!)

Coming Soon: Now we go back to the title of this post. Really - what's next? An excellent question, Readers Mine. The film class has wrapped up for the semester and will be on hiatus until fall, when it resumes again. And the denizens of Sunnydale High are staring down the barrel of the uncertainty that is life post-graduation after next week's viewing. Here, I'll continue to post about the Rewatch to encourage you to check out that project. I'll also (finally!) be working on polishing a couple of writing projects that I'll update you on as things progress. These are major opportunities for me, involving people and projects that I'm humbled to be associated with. (No false "aw, shucks" here, folks - these are big.)

Stick around, won't you?

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