Tuesday, April 12, 2011

She Knows It's a Multipass

Reel One: Over at the film class, it was time to see that not all science fiction takes itself so very, very seriously (Dark City) and/or goes for the scare factor (Alien). We needed something with color and pop and humor and - yeah, it'd be nice if the world gets saved! Luc Besson's The Fifth Element seemed to meet all the criteria. I'm eagerly awaiting the student responses on fashion in the film. So. Much. To Write. About. Chris Tucker's Ruby Rhod alone could be an entire response paper! And I think Gary Oldman's Zorg might just be the actual flip side of the villain Stansfield in Besson's Leon: The Professional which was filmed three years earlier. Fun stuff and a good way to begin our wrap-up leading to the final exam.

Reel Two: Over at the Re-Watch, oh - best buckle up, children, we're deep in the good stuff! This week features two guest bloggers, one a co-author of a Glee book (she blogs here) and the other the uncrowned Queen of Angel Studies (and if I have my way [which is a very good way], she'll soon get a crown. Something tasteful, but with a bit of dash and flair). Episodes this week deal with relationship breakdowns, the return of Spike, and the realization that love is a powerful force, and not always for good. You most definitely won't be "bored now!"

Next week: Probably a truncated post, then postings from the big ol' honking National and Regional popular culture conference deep in the heart of San Antonio, Texas. It'll be huge! Tell your friends.

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