Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So You're a Slayer - Just How Scary Are Your Nightmares?

It's Week 4 of the Great Buffy Re-Watch and it's so big, it's split into two posts! (Actually, there are two writers for this week.)

Great stuff here! After all, if you're the Slayer and (as such) you're the thing that scary things are scared of, just exactly how bone-shakingly scary are the things you're scared of going to be? That's one of the issues that gets explored in "Nightmares" and we learn some very interesting things about our Scoobies. (Hint: Willow has rather severe stage fright!)

Also covered in this first half of this week's post is "Out of Sight, Out of Mind." Or something like that - it's one of those episodes that has different names depending on your source. Seems even the network couldn't make up its mind. Regardless of the title, most of us remember some times in our tour of hell known in polite society as high school during which we felt invisible. Sunnydale being situated on a Hellmouth means that's not just a metaphor.

This week's post is brought to you by David Kociemba, the editor of Watcher Junior, a peer-reviewed online journal for undergraduate scholarship on the Whedonverses. If that's an area of interest for you, they're currently accepting submissions. Click here for details.

We're nearly through Season 1 - it was only a half-season in length, after all. (Remember, BtVS began as a mid-season replacement, so the first season wasn't a full 22-episode run.) Coming up in a day or two is the finale of Season 1 - "Prophecy Girl." I won't spoil for anyone who's watching for the first time, but I can say this - "Prophecy Girl" is where I moved from liking this show to starting to love it just a little. You might feel the same way.

Watch and find out!

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