Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I'm still catching up, so there's not much to report - I'm waiting until I've seen everything to post, so expect a little more in a few days.

But the network decided to renew the show, so there's that cause for celebration!

Read more here.

And - just for kicks - here's one version of the story of the original Echo.

I'll be back soon - promise!


Athena Smith said...

I was particularly excited that it was, in fact, renewed. I've been watching it since episode one, and was always eager enough to watch it that only once did I fall behind.

Glad you like it too!

Adventuress said...

Oh, you bet! While I think it got off to a slow start with the whole "Who will Echo be this week?" once the ensemble idea really kicked in, the show got stronger and stronger! And Alan Tudyk playing crazybad was an inspired idea!